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About DJ DoughBoy

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WHO KNEW!!!  Who knew that hanging out in the basement on the southside of Chicago with his uncles, in the late 80’s / early 90’s would have such a big influence in DJ DoughBoys love of music!!!! Heavily involved in the hip hop scene, this love, now deep in his roots, turned into an art for mixing and blending music.


He had a chance to demonstrate this love as he started early DJing at Skate City in Aurora, CO when he was just 14 years old.

After taking a brief hiatus from DJing until he was in his 30s, he came back stronger than ever.


The owner of Dynamic Sounds and Entertainment, he is requested for events all over the Denver Metro Area, including Colorado Springs and various Mountain towns.


He now shares his talents with the world by way of Power 109 Radio, an internet radio station, where he currently is a DJ and Radio Personality hosting 2 different weekly shows.


DJ DoughBoy will please his clients and party-goers by bringing everyone into his world of hip-hop, Chicago stepping, jazz, and R&B. They will get lost in the melodious atmospheric sounds of DJ Doughboys Mile-High music.


Read more about DJ DoughBoy and Dynamic Sounds and Entertainment.

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